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Before handing over the apartment you must ensure that you are leaving the place spotless! Before staring end of tenancy cleaning, make a list of things that needs to be done, especially if you’re doing it yourself, it is highly likely that you miss out on minor things that might cause trouble with getting back your deposit.

Make sure that any huge damages such as, holes on walls, paint have been fixed and repaired. Give yourself time to thoroughly inspect through the house. This will only serve to your advantage later.

Following are some of the tips that will help you in the end of tenancy cleaning:

  • The Kitchen:

Start by removing everything and anything from the kitchen. Start by emptying all the shelves and cupboard. Once all the things are out in a basket, take a wet cloth and start cleaning them. Clean until there is no dust or any hidden thing left. Once it is squeaky clean, take a dryer and dry all the things. Be vigilant when cleaning the dishwasher, or the washing machine. Make sure that the refrigerator is empty and does not have any dirt in or on it. For this, once you clean it, take out all the trays and place them somewhere safe. Then turn the main circuit breaker off. This way the refrigerator won’t have an odor.

  • The Oven:

Cleaning someone else’s oven is the worst job! So make sure you have squeaky cleaned it. The trays should be household dust free and there should be no burned marks on it. This might take a while but it is all worth it.

  • Living Room:

If you have carpets in your living room then turn that vacuum on and clean it from all the dust. Living room requires a lot of dusting and vacuuming. Most of our things are in the living room, from small decoration pieces to books. So start by clearing all the shelves from stuff. Once you’ve done that then start polishing the cupboards and the shelves.

  • Bathrooms:

Wipe and clean everything that is in the washroom. Start by putting all the toiletries in a basket. Then wipe off, from a wet towel, all the slabs, cupboards, shelves, mirror shower rods, toilet seat etc. Make sure you clean it thoroughly. If the shower has its holes plugged or full, then it is your job to fix that. If there is a faucet that doesn’t work, get it fixed too.

  • Windows:

Now, if you can buy a window cleaning solution then do that, or you can use alcohol or vinegar and ta-da! Clean those as much as you can, make sure they are squeaky clean from the inside.

  • Curtains, Carpets and Rugs:

Now if all of these are washable then do that. Or if you cannot then give the curtains to a dry cleaner. As for rugs and carpets, if they look old and dusty clean them with a steam cleaner.

Meeting all these conditions will ensure that you get your deposit without any issue! End of Tenancy Cleaning service is very demanding service and you might be better off by hiring professionals.